Load Products

Includes adding products in your Zen-Cart or X-Cart store.  (I must have written permission from your store owner to load your products).

I work from a completed word document you provide.  Your word document should include everything you want in each product description.  You can see an example here.  If you need a catchy product description, those are billed separately per description.

  • Upload all images
  • Set attributes (attach zips)
  • Set Retail Pricing
  • Set Special Introductory Pricing
  • Set Cross Sales for each product in the collection or cross sell to other like items in your store.
  • Set Meta Data for each product
  • Create coupons if requested for your blog, newsletter, facebook or others per your request.

Special benefit for Digital Scrapbooking Studio Designers: I set your Kit and Collection as a Featured Product.

Please let me know when you want your product turned on or if you prefer to do it yourself.

Product Descriptions

Do you have a difficult time with creative product descriptions?  I write short product descriptions.  Almost always they will rhyme.  It’s just the way my brain works.  If you don’t like rhymes, please don’t purchase any of the “Jingles” packages.

It is important to include key words in your descriptions.  They make it easier for customers to find your products in the store and make search engines happy.  I need previews of your kit with a good view of individual elements so I can include plenty of keywords in your description.

Turnaround time on descriptions is usually 1 day.

Here are some examples of Product Jingles.

LouCee Creations

Winter’s Frost  |  Tick Tock  |  Reminiscence : January  |  Reminiscence : February  |  Chillax  |

Manu Scraps

Silent Dreamer  |  Family Pastimes Indoor Games

eqrAveziur Designs

Sunday Afternoon  | Bohemian Fall  | Men Old Sports

BooLand Designs

Gratitude Beyond Measure  | Wish  |  Santa Is Coming

Social Media Set Up

Facebook & Twitter

Set up or modify your page using graphics you provide.  I am not a designer.  It takes me HOURS to do what you can do in minutes.


  • Set up your Pinterest page including boards for 6 relevant boards.
  • Pin 5 products per board
  • Follow 5 boards
  • Leave 5 likes


  • Post your new products in your designer gallery
  • Post your ads in the online forums you specify
  • Provide the code for you to quickly copy and paste if you prefer to do it yourself.

Social Media Advertising


  • Post ads to Facebook.  I don’t post as you and I don’t monitor your Facebook


  • Post ads to Twitter.  I don’t post as you and I don’t monitor your Twitter

Google + Set up

  • Provide information so you know how to best utilize Google + for  your business


  • Pin all images for new releases to the appropriate board on your Pinterest account.
  • See my thoughts on Pinterest before you hire me for this job.

Creative Team

  • Distribute kit/collections to your creative team
  • Follow up to make sure each team member is completing the designated number of pages.
  • Remind them to post their links when the kit goes live
  • Verify links are posted within the designated time frame.
  • Assist with, or completely facilitate CT Calls (includes attempting to verify their reputation with previous designers).
  • Provide team members with tutorials on how to post pages the way you want them.
  • EX: Linking the kit name back to your product instead of (link)

Newletter Assistance

MailChimp Set Up is available as a stand alone product

Mail Chimp Newsletter Service

Please purchase the Mail Chimp Set Up Service if you are just getting started.  Once your set up is complete, if you still cringe at the thought of creating newsletters, I will complete your newsletter each week.  You provide me with your information in a word document and I make your newsletter look pretty, verify all links are working and schedule your newsletter to be sent.  In most cases I can send immediately or you can login and send it when your products are live in your store.

Bring your store up to date

  • Add your meta data to your existing store
  • Set your cross sales in your existing store
  • Add social media information to all previously loaded products.  This generally goes below your description.
  • Set Cross-sale information for your products
  • Pull reports and organize the information on a spread sheet or in google docs.  Great for tax reporting.
  • Reorganize categories to set up your customized store (Digital Scrapbooking Studio Only)
  • Assist with minimal modifications for blogger and wordpress.
  • Create individual pages for blogger and wordpress
  • Remove old products from your store.
  • Remove old links from your blog
  • Organize password, login, or other essential information for easy access
  • Proof read your descriptions or blog posts.
  • Create your blog posts in wordpress from a completed word document